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Sound Bites

'I am a caring person with a passion for helping people'

'People say I'm spot on!!' people always say Im spot on and they feel the spirit in the room'

'I use Tarot Cards' (I get the Spirit link and they make themseves known to you and they help ,encourge and suport you .And I use the Tarot to .)'

'Book a session you won't regret it'

'I am constantly learning more as my spiritualism grows , not to mention my excellent full body massage skills if I do say so myself.'

About Abla

Abla El-Azhary, an Egyptian by birth, now living in Carrington, Nottingham is an internationally acclaimed medium who has worked extensively in Britain, Egypt, America and France.

Abla has been demonstrating mediumship in public up and down the country Successfully for many years, and has been described as "one of The most evidential" mediums and "one of the top of her profession" in Britain.

Abla's success and style made her a popular guest in two TV programmes, 'Most Psychic' and 'Food For Thought' , where she appeared as a healer And a therapist.

She is also known as the 'Happy Medium' - because of her bubbly Personality and the laughter she brings.

She always been interested in the phenomena of medium ship, but started By self-improvement with Yoga, Yoga breathing and massage. When Abla Started her private massage and healing therapy practice in 1992, she Started to get messages from Spirit. Abla passed the messages on, not Knowing why or how she got them but certain that it was an important Part of her work. Curious, she went to spiritual churches and then to Schools to learn more. At Stan stead Hall, where she was studying, she was told that she had ability as a clairvoyant and healer Which would develop and get stronger?

Because Abla is a breath and massage therapist, helping people to improve their bodies and their lives, the spirit messages come not just to say hello it's dad and I suffered from such and such, but they come to say I am sorry, forgive us and things will get better. Lots of times the loved ones give out good news with a new, better job or the arrival of new baby that was very wanted. With babies in spirit that were lost in miscarriage or abortion, perhaps with guilt involved, the spirit of the baby may come to say, I am fine, please know that I live and am happy in spirit. All allow an experience that clears blame and starts the healing process - for those in spirit as well as those living on the Earth. To encourage their family to know that they havenít lost their support, they are only one breath away.

The kind of messages that come to Abla are about letting people know that Spirit is there, listening to their thoughts, helping direct them to the best path, so they can improve their life and try to be the best they can be.

I am constantly learning more as my spiritualism grows , not to mention my excellent full body massage skills if I do say so myself.