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Hooray, I am open now for all my treatments,💜😂💜😇😘 the healing massage enclouded, looking forward to seeing you all helping you to have happier and healthier lives, giving a hand with your life decisions, and reuniting you with your loved ones in SPIRIT, bringing joy to both sides.

Abla El-Azhary is an established international healer and medium who specialises in psychic massage, clairvoyant readings, public clairvoyancy and rebirthing based in Nottingham, UK.

Over the past twenty years, Abla has demonstrated mediumship in Egypt, America, and France and all over the UK and has been described as “one of the most evidential” mediums and “one of the top of her profession” in Britain. She has appeared as a guest on two TV programmes, ‘Most Psychic’ and ‘Food For Thought’ as a healer and a therapist. She is known as the ‘Happy Medium’ – because of her bubbly personality and the laughter she brings.

Abla’s Story

After traveling from her home-town of Cairo to England thirty years ago, Abla discovered the ‘body harmony’ healing system and rebirthing. Later, Abla journeyed to the ashrams of India. In India, her heart opened to the path of meditation and emotional freedom. Upon returning to the UK, she was inspired to offer the upliftment, release and soulful awareness that had touched her so deeply during her experience in India.

During the 1990s, Abla developed her deep massage treatment which aligns energy, opens channels, inspires positive thoughts, releases emotional blockages, drawing out blocked feelings and healing old patterns. This transformational approach has helped many of her clients get their lives back on track or enhance their lives to draw out new talents, goals and aspirations. Whatever has happened in your life, Abla can offer upliftment or take you on a journey into your soul’s path.

Simultaneously, Abla became increasingly fascinated with the spiritual arts and started to realise that she had clairvoyance and mediumship skills. She developed this skill in the Spiritualist Chuch for fifteen years. Eventually, she started to offer personal readings to inspire and uplift Clients. She has developed her own counseling style which she uses alongside the readings to give insight into different choices and pathways, emphasising the positives which can be drawn from situations, and help clients envision and be the architect of their own life’s direction. She seeks to support her Clients to rediscover their spark, vitality and their capacity to live their life with an empowered, compassionate heart.

Want to know more about Abla? Listen to these full length interviews with Abla from Curious Times Radio (2017)and Supernatural Radio (2015):


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