If you have enjoyed your treatment from Abla, please consider leaving a testimonial using the form below:




I have known Abla for many decades now and first saw her for healing and have done so whenever needed. I have never gone for reading or clairvoyance but during my healings, she has always passed messages on to me from wherever they come from.(god,spirit etc,you choose).I have ÀLWAYS felt better after healing. During my very first healing session, she gave me information that led directly to meeting my wife of over 20 years in Asia!!! My last session was the most profound one i have ever received. I never saw my mum for the last 4 years of her life for reasons I won’t expound here and never got to say goodbye to her. Well, halfway through the last healing session with Abla, she told me to walk around the couch to see if i felt anything different and as i turned around Abla in all forms had turned into my mum. (ps.i don’t do drugs or drink ) Right down to the stoop my mum had, Abla WAS my mum! She held her arms out and we embraced as a mum and her son would.I cried so much. After our”goodbye,” my mum became Abla again, and shortly afterward my healing continued. I knew something was different in me after the healing but couldn’t work it out. I woke up the next day and the world had changed. So much so I saw ALL things differently, I saw how the world connects and had finally reached Satori or had the converted awakening, and without the use of psychedelic drugs. To this day I am a changed man from what I was and so contented with life now. I would have no reservations in recommending Abla for healing and am so thankful to have met her and felt her healing powers. So Abla I thank you so much for what you gave me and hope to see you again ×

–  Rhys Ifans

“Abla helped me go through grief and accept the passing of my mum. She has made me realise that mum is always there on the other side looking after me. Thank you Alba. Xx”

– Jo M

“Upon meeting Abla I was immediately at ease, her warm personality was in abundance.
During my sitting she took on the very personal role as speaker for my relatives and friends in the spirit world. At the end of my sitting which was not pressured by time, I felt at peace, and able to focus after being in a dark place for some time. She was accurate and gave me information only I knew. Thank you Abla x”

– Gail Reilly

“I saw Abla for a Tarot reading today and it was fantastic! Everything she said really meant something to me and I am very grateful to her. I would absolutely recommend Abla.”

– Rebecca Kunzler

“I am so happy I had a chance to see wonderful, strong, talanted lady like Abla today! Best 30’s birthday present from me to me. 😊

Dear, Abla. Thank you very much!
I felt so excited before I met you, felt so comfortable while I was with you and after I left your place I felt so light, happy and absolutely peaceful… My steps way back home felt like I was walking on clouds! 🌥 I feel so peaceful after the massage, and I love I had chance to experience my grandmother next to me. I felt her… I always knew my grandmother is my guardian angel what stands beside me! Absolutely relaxed and happy now.
I am so so happy as you confirm my thoughts and emotions, about everything I am feeling now and felt before. Seeing you definitely will bring me more answers to my life.

You are so great person, a treasure and I love your place and you gave me very welcoming feeling. I believe and trust you. I see you next week.”

– Linda Kaulina

“Abla, I want you to know I feel so much better, lighter, free, I feel myself feeling happy, smiling and even singing! I don’t have a singing voice but I just feel positive like the worlds my oyster I can choose what’s right for me and not feel guilty. I know you said listen to your body you were right x thank you 🙏 I feel happy and that’s not been Like that for a long time. I don’t know what the future holds but I know I can face it with my head held up and feel stronger for myself. I’ve changed over this last 18 months and I can’t go back all I can do is March forwards xxx”

– Sandy Williams 

“I have seen Albe twice now. Once for a reading and a healing massage for the second. She was spot on with the troubles I was going through and helped me see things from a different point of view. The healing massage was amazing. She is lovely and makes you feel at ease all the time. Thank you x”

– Andrea Smith

Reviews from my Facebook Page:

Nicola Smith reviewed Abla Healing — 5 star – Jun 26, 2019 
“Thank you so very much, Abla. Just spot on with everything that came through. Very moving and lovely to get messages from my loved ones. It was a very moving experience and I feel truly blessed. You are amazing. I would recommend Abla to everyone. And I hope you have a wonderful experience, just like I did on my visit when you go. Much love to you Abla. Thank you very much.”

Lisa Court reviewed Abla Healing — 5 star – April 17 2018
“Wonderful lady. I always have a great experience with Abla”

Tara Tarà reviewed Abla Healing — 5 star – May 25, 2018 
“I had a fabulous massage from Abla last week. I am still feeling the positive uplifting effects now. Not only did I float out of the session feeling physically lighter, but the messages she gave me enlightened my spirit. I wholeheartedly recommend Abla for an exceptional clairvoyant massage.”

Diane Bell reviewed Abla Healing — 5 star  – May 12, 2018
“I went to see Abla for a healing massage. I had no idea what to expect so I was totally open minded. I was greeted by the lovely Abla who put me at ease straight away and wow bang straight away told me I was clearing and sorting out things ready for a move…. I laughed as the previous night I’d been in the loft till late at night doing just as she’d said. The massage and her insights was amazing she told me things that surprised me. Her healing hands sorted out my every aches and pains. Thank you again Abla I’ve felt wonderful and enlightened since”

Donna Rorie reviewed Abla Healing — 5 star -April 14 · 2018
“I have visited Abla many times for spiritual healing and psychic readings. In every session that i have had with her, I can say without a doubt that I had profound positive changes with the spiritual healing and her psychic insight has proven to be correct always. I highly recommend Abla for in all her spiritual services. Abla is an Angel in disguise.”

Ketu Wetu reviewed Abla Healing — 5 star, March 22 · 2018
“I went to Abla because I wanted to know about my past lives and to heal myself from what’s blocking my own psychic development. I’ve seen quite a few healers and every one is different but Abla is by far the most effective healer I have ever worked with. I went there with a list of ‘symptoms’ but Abla already knows what the problem is without me telling her. As I arrived she already had news about my past lives, and she knew my relationship history, the problems in my family and childhood just by touching me. She also told me a lot about my past lives and some crucial information that resolved things I was unsure about in my mind. Her full body deep massage was painful but in a good way. During the massage my whole body was tingling like crazy – particularly my hands and feet which were releasing all the stored pain from my body. All of the places I’ve had chronic tension feel so much more relaxed now and I even know the causes as Abla tells you whilst she’s massaging you because she feels the pain as it is released. When I left, I felt like I was floating on a cloud and had transformed from the run down, achy person I was that morning. When I got home, my partner said I seemed more relaxed and I can honestly say I feel truly relaxed and healed. We had such a lovely evening together afterwards and I slept for 12 hours! I can honestly say I feel a transformation inside of me. My emotions are calm and my body feels amazing! I will definitely be going back for another session the moment I start to feel I need it and highly recommend Abla to anyone with any problem whatsoever – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, WHATEVER!”


Reviews from my old website:

Nick : Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Abla is amazing, Before i visited her I had migraine problems almost weekly and found working difficult. After I had had one session I have never had a single migraine and my life is totally changed.


B Perry :
Very recently I had a slipped disc and sciatica down my left leg.
It was very painful to sit down, so I went to Abla for spiritual Healing, which she administered while i was standing.
A week later I could sit and the pain was definately easier.
Healing reaches other parts too. I feel a definate lift in my depression too and have been better able to cope.Thanks Abla.


Hilda Hannay : West Bridge Spiritual Church
This is to say that we have know abla for over 10 years, and to our knowledge she is an honest, law abiding person

She has been a working medium for a number of years and server this church on many occasions.
She is sincere in all her work for the spitritual movement.


Angels of Light Spirtual Movement : Corby
I have know Abla for 5 years now and she serves Angels of light about twice a year

She is a very caring and honest person.
her mediumship is very accurate. She is the only working medium that I know that feels the passing condition and pain.

I have passed Ablas name to other spirtitual groups and churches, they also feel the same about her.


Alison :
Thankyou for your love support and help. You are a very important and special person in my life.

I love you

Alison X


Dear Abla
A very special thankyou for making tonight a success.
I will let you know how much you have helped to raise.
I hope that the evening leads to alot of business for you. Kindest regards.


David : Nottingham
Thanks for all you have done for my wife. She now has a better standard of life and her body as well as her mind have been treated.


Michelle : Nottingham
Hi Abla

How are you i hope you are well. I sent a friend of mine to you on saturday with her little girl (rachel and cody). She was very impressed with you. She also said you mention a name Mark and he had a bad back and knee and that there had been a proposal at work. Well Mark is my new fella who indeed has back and knee problems , we all work at the same place and Mark proposed to me in May this year. Do you have something to tell me about Mark lol. I will be making an appointment with you soon and will try and get him to come too but not sure if he will. I am worried about his health problems as he is in such pain , maybe a massage with you would help him. Well take care and let me know when i can come and see you. Your friend michelle xxxxx


Harold : Nottingham City
Since losing my partner, Abla has been a god send


Abla, Yes you massaged my back in line & you said when I was born my parents wanted a boy & I felt their disappointment when I was born (you were soooo right), then we both cried. What an amazing group of people I was able to connect with, especially you!


Michael : Nottingham
Abla is a truly lovely lady, who is so caring and would help anyone at all. She is a skilled masseuse and healer and the warmth from her hands is incredible.
She can also put you in touch with loved ones who have passed over to the other side.
Book an appointment to see her with total confidence – you will receive very genuine care and help.


David : Nottingham
Many thanks for the massage last night – it was just what I needed and I was so relaxed that, within about 15 minutes of getting home, I was asleep and didn’t wake until 9.30 this morning. It is always a great joy to come and see you and to return home so elated. Constantly, I pray that you have growing success in your work


Debbie & Pat : Skegby, Notts
Abla, you are a remarkable, wonderful person who has touched our lives…
The warmth we felt from you both physically and mentally was a joy, your help and guidance has been immense and we hope to see you again soon…
With great love and thanks xx


: nottingham
abla is a great lady with good talents, really great massage, which makes you feel fantastic,also a great reader, who can help you in life matters.


Kelly :
Wow Abla! Everything u said was right, I move in2 new house on my daughters bday & yes I am pregnant. U are always spot on amazing…let’s see if it is a boy like u said xx


Evandro Honehe : Brighton
Warm and Sunny AH’O..Dear Abla..Congratulations about your new site very nice and well presented with a clear message.

Keep the Amazing link with Beauty…Joy…Appreciation..like wise the same wishes I send to you..

Walk in Beauty with Prosperity and Abundance..


Kiran : Warwickshire
Abla is one amazing lady!!
I found her details online when i was going through a very confussed emotional time. After meeting her my life changed for the better, the advice and guidance i was given was brilliant!!!
I don’t know what i would do without her.
She really is amazing so if your reading this, and your in two minds, i say take the risk bcause it really will be the best choice you have ever made :DAbla really is a breath of fresh air shes amazing!!Love Kiran xXX


jason : nottingham
i had a back problem from driving and each time i drove i would get this problem again which would even take my breath away. i visited abla and had a full body massage the problem with my back is gone she is a miracle worker!! i will return soon alba thanku xx


Tracy : Aberdeen
Thank you very much Abla. I now have the answers to questions I was searching for.


Vanessa : Nottinghamshire
Hello Abla,

I just wanted to say a few words to express my sincere thanks for all the kindness you have shown to me over the last year. You are one of the kindest souls I have ever met and without all your love and support I dont know how I would of got through what was for me one of the toughest years of my life. I recommend your services to anyone that is either looking for some direction in life or suffering in some way. Abla you are such a kind soul and are more than capable of helping anyone and I am so glad that I found you when I did.

When I thought I had 100 reasons to cry you showed me why I had 100 reasons to smile, And you helped me to heal.

Thankyou Abla from the botom of my heart.x


David : India
(sun) Sending you the sunshine that you brought to me yesterday when thinkiing about Darren. I had the most wonderful feeling of you being here. Thanks a million. David (*)to my super cyber star


Vicki : USA
Thinking about how much my life is changing since I discovered how I was holding myself back and how much you are a part of that Abla.
If we hadn’t reconnected I wouldn’t have a good picture of who I’ve been before to help me discover who I can be.Thank you for remembering the past life we have had together. The world needs you! Abla , you have blessed me! You are a bright and shining star in my heart, always! Thanks very much.


Darsh : Nottingham
Absolutely 100% accurate! I’ve had readings in the past but Abla’s reading was truly amazing! Abla was warm and welcoming and very patient I would deffinatly recommend!


Ian : London
Hi Abla,
I really enjoyed the first time that I visited you and found your massage technique really good. It was intriguing – I left very relaxed (I slept better that night than I have done in years!)
Many thanks and I look forward to meeting up for another massage soon.


Hannah : Nottingham
This was my first ever reading so did not know what to expect. Abla has such a beautiful spirit that makes you feel relaxed instantly. My reading gave me great reassurance in a time of need and I feel a weight has been lifted. I even got a message from my childhood dog who I miss so much but was completely unexpected. I will definitely come and see Abla again and would reccommend her to anyone.

Thank you Abla x


Katy : Nottingham
Hiya Abla,
This was my first eve reading and everything you said about my family and i was a 100% true. You have an amazing gift and you are such a warm and funny person i love your company! You have gave me great reassurance on my illness and i feel more at ease. you are amazing and i would recommend you to EVERYONE!
Lots of love & God Bless
Katy x


Ria : Nottingham
Abla is a beautiful person inside and out, her home is peaceful I felt as ease instantly , her personality is infectious! Always cracking jokes this is my first experience with a pyschic and shes made it enjoyable. The things she comes out sith are spot on in my life. Shes gave me reassurance on person issues I am having difficulty dealing with. I will be deffinately coming back to her. She even gave me advice which is a bonus. Shes is amazing beautiful!!!!!! I recommend her highly shes the best!!!!
Love you Abla


Surinder :
Abla is a very calm and caring individual. She put my mind at rest on a number of matters. There was a lot of things that she brought up about my past which was so true, and very emotional. Abla confirmed a lot of my thoughts and hopefully the things she said about my future will come true to. I had asked a friend to come with me, who wanted a reading but wasnt sure if she wanted to pay the money,she wanted to know if it ws worth having. So we had a deal if I thought the reading was excellent I would code her and say “if you want a reading I have the time to wait” but if I didn’t think it was worth it I would say lets go. However the weirdest thing was whist we were chatting and I was telling my firind I am happy to wait Abla told her to have the reading as I thought it was good. It was so wird as Abla could pick up our thoughts. A reading is definitly recommennded, Abla is such a warm person, Love you lots xx


Ian : London
Hi Abla,
I really enjoyed the first time that I visited you and found your massage technique really good. It was intriguing – I left very relaxed (I slept better that night than I have done in years!)
Many thanks and I look forward to meeting up for another massage soon.


Vicki, USA : USA
Thinking about how much my life is changing since I discovered how I was holding myself back and how much you are a part of that Abla.
If we hadn’t reconnected I wouldn’t have a good picture of who I’ve been before to help me discover who I can be.Thank you for remembering the past life we have had together. The world needs you! You have blessed me!
You are a bright and shining star in my heart, always! Thanks very much .


Denise, : Perth Australia
I am so very grateful to Able and her guides for all the loving energy that soothed my heart and mind and also brought great healing to my husband. My husband and i have both been going through many changes over the years and have been in contact with many healers. After calling Able from Perth Australia and speaking of our troubled hearts, Able instilled great peace of mind to us both and we now trust the process since speaking to this beautiful soul. We thank you so much Able for your kind words that touched our hearts. you were spot on with everything you told us..
Bless You Always.
xxxx Denise


Christen : USA,21 September 2012
Greetings Abla, I wanted to reach out and thank you for all
the beautiful sharings
Much of what you have so generously
shared has resonated deeply, and I wanted to convey my appreciation and
recognition of the brightness and hope that you radiate


Tom, Nottingham : Nottingham
Dearest AblaThank you so much for another such wonderful massage. I feel as though I am floating on air and feel so good……if fact, my niece arrived and I do not usually get on with her and have been chatting merrily with her and feel so good.




julie, : nottingham
My lovely friend u have made Margaret and Allan feel so much better.Now they believe that there is an afterlife. Thanks for that comfort. U have an amazing talent Abla a truly special person x Im recommending u to everyone i kno much love


beverley , : Nottingham
Hi Abla do you remember me Bev, well thank you so much for my reading i went away and asked my mum a few questions, and well i was astonished.1 – my mum had lost a baby, and yes it was before me.
2 – my parents did have a business like you asked but the partner went off with all the money.As you said .
3 – the money….. that i was going to receive my aunties will that she wasn’t happy about, yes she did have 3 cottages that was left to her, that she sold. my mum said she changed her will when she was in hospital.
4 – the nightmare when little , i just used to wake up crying making a lot of noise, but john said he has to wake me sometimes because I am crying in a dream.
5 – did i ever want a dog! apparently we had a dog, not that i remembered.
6 – Alison related to David ( johns dad ) is Davids cousin.So thank you so much, i’d like to come and see you again sometime know i know i have to have a more open mind about things.Thank you again.love Bev xxx ( brians friend)


David Denton, : Belper
Dear AblaI felt that I had to write to say how much more my life has improved through the sessions with you over the past few years.

My mobility has improved greatly and the pain I used to experience has all but disappeared.

Not only do I feel much better in myself but people say how much younger I look.

Also, after having taken pills daily for the past 20 years, I now rarely have to resort to them…. that is a great, great improvement in my well-being. Thank you.

You are a great masseur and people should be knocking on your door for treatment.

I always look forward to your sessions knowing that I shall feel more alive and on top of the world afterwards.

Sending you my best wishes,

David Denton, Belper


Frank Richards : Belper
I have been lucky enough to have treatments from Abla for some years now, almost since moving to Derbyshire.Not only is she a great deep tissue masseuse, but she brings with her a wonderful sensitivity and a caring not experienced elsewhere. She is totally concerned with the client and can see that after an hour, she is exhausted, physically and emotionally, showing that she has put everything into the session.

Long may she continue to provide such a truly wonderful service as I feel totally elated after each visit…..truly FRANK .


James, : Nottingham
I been visiting Abla for over 10 years now and found her healing sessions very helpful in times of mental crisis. Over this time I have come to understand and appreciate what this kind of therapy can do and what a genuine, warm hear-ted and spiritually connected person Abla is.


Kelly, : Notts
Wow Abla you are always spot on! You said soon as i walked in the door im pregnant so i went home and did a test


Teresa nemes, : London
My sessions with Abla are blessed. She is such kind person and gifted. Each time I have a massage, healing and reading from her I feel blessed, recharged and happier. I feel much calmer in my life as a whole and much more positive.
She is an amazing person as a healer, friend, I am blessed to have met her.
Thank you Abla, hope to see you soon


Chaas, : France
It’s spooky how clever some ppl are. Thanks!


Louise : Primrose Hill Community.London
Hi Abla,Hope all is well with you and your work is going smoothly. Many thanks for the lovely reading, it was great and lots of positive things came through for me!

My internet has been down for a while so I couldn’t email. The Reiki is going well and really working for me.
I’m trying to get a therapy room at a pharmacy on England’s Lane, which is just around the corner from where I live.

How is your Reiki healing practise going? Do you have a therapy room or do you work from home like me?
Please let me know the next time you are in London for another group reading, as I would love to join you
for another group session.

It was lovely to meet like minded people and a blessing to get my reading. Hope to speak soon.
Much love


David, : Lincoln
Good morning dear AblaMany thanks for the massage last night – it was just what I needed and I was so relaxed that, within about 15 minutes of getting home, I was asleep and didn’t wake until 9.30 this morning.

It is always a great joy to come and see you and to return home so elated.

Constantly, I pray that you have growing success in your work

With much love



Julie : Nottingham
Hi AblaMy name is Julie, myself and my partner, Allan, attended your fabulous evening at the Woodlark 12 march 2009. I much thank you for turning me from a sceptic to a believer. The message you gave both of us has gave me peace, knowing that my loved ones are still reachable. We would like to ask if it would be possible to arrange to see you for a family reading, there would be seven of us?

You have a great gift. Many thanks and very kind regards.



HI Abla i came to see you in Stocksbridge spiritual center, you were very spot on with the message you gave me and i thank you very much for the love ,laughter you gave to mexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i wish you well and lots of happinessxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tracey R


Ann : KENT
I was recommended to go to see Abla last September. At that time I was devastated. I had lost twins through IVF and was so depressed I just wanted to die and be with my babies. Two years before this I had lost another baby.Abla was very supportive and understanding and straight away through her mediumship she told me the babies are ok and that every thing happens for a reason and that made me feel better and she said that I will have a baby later on…

So she helped me to accept things as they are and change my ideas and believes about myself, my life and to let go and forgive my past, all this through karma healing, deep tissues massage and counselling. She says affirmations to me while massaging so I can repeat them to myself.

When I got home after the first session my husband noticed the difference immediately and he told me that was the best money I have ever spent and it was worth the travel all the way to Nottingham from Kent . A month after I followed this with intensive treatment with 4 sessions in a week and the healing continued. Releasing my tears, and grieving for those babes and making the changes necessary for a better life and happier me.

I have learnt so much and now I find myself teaching what I learnt to others. Abla helped me to heal myself and my life in a way no other healer had helped me.

Now I am three month pregnant through natural conception just like she predicted. My husband also had a magical session with Abla which left him feeling warmth in his heart and so relaxed and energized in his body…We are eternally grateful to Abla as she helped us achieve what was impossible.


Josephine D : Nottingham
I have visited Abla on a number of occasions and found her massage and spiritual healing extremely beneficial in reducing the pain in my back, hip, neck and shoulder. The last visit included a session on her ’incredible chi machine’ which removed a persistant pain in my ankle and eased abdominal and back pain.I would recommend Abla to anyone with physical pain, but she is also a gifted medium who is able to work with spirit and ease emotional and spiritual traumas. A truly exceptional experience 🙂


John : Nottingham
I visited Abla once to try alleviate a back problem. The problem has not 100% disappeared but it feels a lot better.During the treatment Abla does a reading, I was very impressed by what she told me about the past and things to do with every day living.

I think a visit to this talented medium is beneficial.
John R


Dave : Nottingham
I visited Abla because of considerable pain in my hips which had been going on for a few weeks. Abla gave me a deep tissue massage, she clearly understood what she was doing and was very proficient.

When I left the pain really had gone but I also felt refreshed and very positive. I’m still free of pain some months later.
I would highly recommend Abla.
David C


Sam : Nottingham
Thanks for all you have done for my wife. She now has a better standard of life and her body as well as her mind have been treated.


Anonymous : NOTTINGHAM
Dear Abla
A very special thank you for making tonight a success.
I will let you know how much you have helped to raise.
I hope that the evening leads to a lot of business for you. Kindest regards.


Alison : Nottingham
Thankyou for your love support and help. You are a very important and special person in my life.

I love you

Alison X


Angels of Light Spirtual Movem : Corby
I have known Abla for 5 years now and she serves Angels of light about twice a yearShe is a very caring and honest person.
Her mediumship is very accurate. She is the only working medium that I know that feels the passing condition and pain.I have passed Abla’s name to other spiritual groups and churches, they also feel the same about her.


Rebecca Elizabeth : Nottingham
I adore this lady an amazing spiritual healer, natural body therapies and spiritual guidance a few of you will know she pre warned / predicted my dad’s leukaemia only 1 month prior to randomly finding through having kidney stones

She’s amazing funny compassionate and unbelievable please tell anyone who’s struggling like I was 5 years ago post ms diagnosis #lawofattraction ,I love you Abla El-Azhary


Pauline : Nottingham
I have known Abla El – Azhary for fifteen years! Abla is an amazing Medium/Healer/Clairvoyant! Renowned in Nottingham for being ‘The Psychics, Physic/Healer!

A genuine ‘Sensitive’ Abla has dedicated many decades developing her hands on Reiki Master Techniques!

For a wonderful rejuvenating Psychic/Healing Experience! Be amazed with Abla our very own Egyptian ‘High Priestess’ here in Nottingham!


Sofia : London
You gave me new energy today to carry on, I can’t thank you enough, you bring tears in my eyes of happiness and love.


TIZZY : Lincoln
Abla saw you tonight at
Washingborough. ..you were amazing and so different and gladdened my heart…neva laughed so much in ages!!
Thank you


marcia : nottingham
Had a great reading about 6mnths ago and its amazing looking back now how some predictions have come true. Also, she knew some things about me that noone would have known, she even sang me an old song that me n my sisters love, as random as it sounds. Lovely lady, true readings, will come back soon.


John : Nottingham
Abla is a talented medium who creates a warm, relaxed, pleasant atmosphere. She told us many things that were correct and told us things other mediums have been unable to see. We will be seeing her again in the future. Thank you Alba, many thanks John.


Pete : Nottingham
After a massage from Alba I felt rejuvenated and had the best nights sleep I have had for along time
thanks Alba


Paige : Nottingham
Abla is incredible. She was able to speak with my loved one who has recently passed and everything she said was spot on!! Such a talented lady!!


John : Nottingham
A kind and genuine lady who helped immensely. Thanks Abla


Andy : Sherwood, Nottingham
I have visited Alba twice for massage, both times I have walked away feeling totally refreshed, relieved of stress and feeling full of energy and a feeling of walking on air. Alba is a very warm and open lady that helps you to relax and helps you to understand your body and feelings. I highly recommend her and I will be going again soon


Rav : England
You are amazing… I’ve never had a reading so good and accurate.. The emotions you made me feel helped me understand me as a person… You held my hand and I could feel my fathers presence around me… After the reading you did a great massage which I will come back for soon… I recommend her 100% money well spend.


Donna : Australia
I Visited Abla last week while I was in the UK. I went to see her for some healing and a massage. I was suffering with terrible tummy and digestion problems and I also have had a lot of issues with my left shoulder (lactic acid build up).. Abla gave me healing to my Tummy/digestion problems with a very intense healing massage and then she she work on my shoulder with deep tissue massage and I also felt the energy moving through her hands. I left after 2 hours and felt really light and my shoulder pain was instantly gone and still is.My tummy issues clear up completly by the next day and I am so Happy that I met the amazing woman and experienced her encredible Healing Talent. Thank you Abla ☺ xx


Andy : Nottingham
Went with sciatica after weeks of pain killers abla worked her magic pain free now not even a niggle thankyou so much


Maciej : Nottingham
Abla is an amazing person with amazing gift. I went to a few rebirthing sessions with her guidance and I’m looking forward for more. Life changing experience, bringing you deep into your real self. Healing. I wish there was more people like her on the planet, the world would be a better place. Last but not least there is a lot of laughing during the sessions.:) Pure love. I recomend her services from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Abla


Brigitte : Derbyshire
I had my first spiritual reading with Abla today. She blew me away with her accuracy about my life


Lynda B : Ordsall Retford Notts
Hi Abla, how wonderful it was to see you again after so many years! Life certainly gets in the way! Let me tell you that you just get better and better. Your evidence for people from spirit was extremely accurate, naming persons from spirit and down here was spot on. The genuiness and heartfelt quality you put into your work is above and beyond any other medium i have experienced in over 30 years.
You as a person dont just give yoursef you go beyond that, and give your heart and sole.
Your mediumship far outweighs belief.
I am longing to meet up with you again, just to feel the love, that you give out, everyone you meet cannot fail to love you, and i send all my love till i see you soon.
May God bless you for all the doveted work you do
love you loads Lynda xxxxx