1. Spiritual, Tarot and Clairvoyant readings – £45 – 1 hour
  2. Deep tissue massage and energy healing – £60 – 60 minutes
  3. Rebirthing (conscious transformational breathing) – £60 – 90 minutes
  4. NEW – Chi Machine Session – £20 – 30 minutes
  5. NEW – Skype readings available for overseas clients – £45 – 1 hour To book a Skype session, contact me via the booking form.
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Spiritual, Tarot and Clairvoyant readings – £45 – 1 hour

My readings inspire and energise. I call to the spiritual realms and to your loved ones to bring insight into situations. I offer special counseling to assist you with life choices and problems, using the tarot to clarify issues with the deep symbolism of these ancient cards.

We can cover a multitude of issues in an hour, and I offer an emotionally supportive space for you to explore your deepest questions, feelings, and issues. We release negative patterns to inspire you to find new solutions.

If you need to change your direction, find deep happiness and/or recognise, nurture and value what is good about your life, this counseling/reading can offer new motivation and inspiration to explore unexpected pathways.

Clients leave in high spirits and feel uplifted to know that with the power of their own will and volition, they can transform their life.

I offer individual readings for £45, but I am also available for a negotiable fee for parties and functions.

Deep tissue massage and energy healing – £60 – 60 minutes

The human body stores everything that happens to us as an imprint of memories in the connective tissues. If this is not realised, through breathing, touch and awareness, it can cause illness and imbalance in the body. A session of deep tissue massage and healing will balance your energy and release pains and stress, leaving your body feeling lighter, more energetic and more flexible. I incorporate healing into my massage work, to enhance the energising effect and leave you feeling positive, brighter and bring a ray of positive energy.

‘For the massage, when they come, I don’t ask them anything. Then I link straight away with them by reading the body to find out what’s going on in there. Sometimes I will get joined with their loved ones. I work on one side from the head down to the foot, and all the time I am feeling and expressing what I am receiving from the body. Then I stand them up and compare the two sides. The side I have worked on is more energetic, relaxed, balanced, grounded but alive. By comparison, the other side is dead. Then we get to work on the other side, turn them over to do their back. We end up with the face, neck and head.’ – Abla

A massage session lasts for one hour for the whole body and costs £60

For those of you who want just healing ( hands-on spiritual and energy healing) fully clothed, for the whole body, it costs £50 for the hour.

Rebirthing (conscious transformational breathing) – £60 – 90 minutes

Rebirthing is both a simple physical breathing technique and a profound emotional cleansing tool. Rebirthing tends to accelerate the clearing process of healing the body on all levels. Through rebirthing, you become more aware of your thoughts and decisions influenced by your childhood and family.. When these and the associated beliefs surface, they can be transformed. Rebirthing is a very powerful tool for change. The session takes an hour and a half, one hour of deep breathing, the other hour clearing energy, discussing the thoughts and feelings that have surfaced during the session, and centering the mind.

The cost is £60 and there is no need for any removal clothes for the ‘rebirthing’ session. It is generally recommended that people attend for five sessions, although I am willing to offer one-off sessions if desired.

NEW – Chi Machine Session – £20 – up to 30 minutes

The ‘Chi Machine’ can help anyone to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit. It ensures the body receives an increased amount of oxygen to bring about correct functioning of the body organs which may have been damaged by illness or stress.

If you have trouble finding time to exercise, the Chi Machine provides all the benefits of exercise in a short space of time and can be done from the comfort of Abla’s home.

In a Chi Machine Session, Abla will consult with you and recommend a time period for you to use the Chi Machine. Most clients do not need to spend more than 15 minutes on the chi machine at a time.

For more information on the benefits of using the Chi Machine, please click here.