Clairvoyant Events

Haven’t you heard of Abla yet?

In addition to her range of treatments, Abla is also an internationally acclaimed medium who has worked extensively in Britain, Egypt, America, and France. Abla has been demonstrating mediumship in public up and down the country for twenty years and has been described as “one of the most evidential” mediums and “one of the top of her profession” in Britain. She has appeared as a guest on two TV programmes, ‘Most Psychic’ and ‘Food For Thought’ as a healer and a therapist. She is known as the ‘Happy Medium’ – because of her bubbly personality and the laughter she brings.

What to Expect

Throughout the Clairvoyant Events, messages come to Abla from deceased loved ones of audience members. The messages, which are supported by evidence, are always facilitate healing to both the audience member and their loved one. For example, they wish to let their loved ones know that they are there for them in Spirit, listening to their thoughts and helping direct them to the best path so that they can improve their life and be the best they can be.

Promotional Video (6 mins)

Full Demonstration Video (25 mins)

After every demonstration of her mediumship, Abla receives grateful thanks from her clients and audience:

“That message from my Mum was much-needed information.”

“Helped to take away the worry, you had my dad to the teeth no doubt about it.”

“Outstanding evidence.”

“…and the laughter and sense of humour.”

“Never laughed so much.”